Vovin's tek

Vovin's tek

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Almost all of the teks I have found were either old and not up to date. Or horribly complicated and thus difficult for the first timer to understand, at least they were for me. Also I have learned that a picture is worth a thousand words and this tek has plenty so I think it will be much easier to follow if you know what the materials look like at each stage of the process.

In this guide I will be showing a complete concise way to extract DMT from Mimosa Hostilis Root bark. I will not be going over different materials or methods that can be used, there are plenty of resources already on that.

It is my will to keep this as a very simple step by step process and eliminate and confusion along the way. I will not be going over the scientific and chemical explanations of the extraction process. This can get a little confusing and is not really needed to do a extraction. This is a very detailed guide and most of the information that has been added here is from experiments and processes that others have refined over the past few years. To make things easier I have labeled the 4 Pyrex containers A,B,C, +D. I recommend you do the same to eliminate and confusion you may have while trying to follow along.

This is the material needed to do a top notch extraction of DMT. Although it is possible to improvise a lot. Do so at your own risk.

The chemicals I use on this Tek has been researched by many in DMT world and has been found to produce the best results and are obtainable by the average joe. You can use other chemicals in place of many of these. For the sake of simplicity I will not go into this in this Tek. The chemicals that I have listed are purported to give the best results, I highly recommend you stick to them if you can. Many chemicals leave residue. The ones I use in this Tek leave little to no residue.